About Us


What is an Alchemist?

An Alchemist is someone who has this weird or magical ability to transform something less valuable into something more valuable. Ok, we don’t practice magic but we hope what we do feels magical to our customers.

For us, Alchemy means listening to what our customers are trying to create, the difference their product makes to the world and what it means to them.

Then we go about bringing that thing to life in the real world using a variety of manufacturing 4.0 technologies like additive manufacturing and robotics.

We make good things for the world.


Mush Khan

What matters to you?

The most important thing to me is my family and my closest friends. I also love the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world. My focus for many years has been to lead companies that serve industrial workers. In fact, the 25 year goal I set in 2017 was to positively impact a billion industrial workers! I work on this every day!

What do you do for Alchemy?

My job is to build the most amazing team of Alchemists that help our customers bring their ideas into reality.

Vice President & Co-Founder

Andrew Malek

Andrew Malek is the Vice President and co-founder of Alchemy Industrial. He responsible for overseeing the company’s fast-growing engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

In his role, Andrew will provide day to day leadership, management and vision necessary to lead the Alchemy Industrial’s operations. In addition, he is leading the introducing new technologies to the company’s existing capabilities as well as certification of its quality management systems.

Andrew brings a wealth of experience in engineering, manufacturing and operations spanning diverse industries.