Alchemy Manufacturing Studio

Alchemy Manufacturing Studio is your path after proof of concept to scaled up manufacturing. Missing fundamentals can create problems in manufacturing at scale and we help you build a strong foundation.  We think about your path to scale in three steps:



We collaborate with you to understand your goals. We can also help you with innovating through rapid prototyping. Our approach includes:

Market Research

Creating a clear and documented understanding of the end market and the keys to winning in terms of product performance, price point and delivery. Our experience shows that getting clear about what it takes to win sets you up for manufacturing success.


Creating a series of prototypes that are designed to test manufacturability. These are not models; instead these are working examples of your product that help to clear up potential manufacturing challenges.

Design For Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability

We take you through a detailed process that clearly documents all the critical requirements of manufacturing at scale including:

High Quality Drawings

Developing good drawings that are ready for the shop floor

Bill of Materials

Creating a sound Bill of Materials (BOM) that has the right parts, materials and dimensional requirements.

Supply & Technology Strategy

A deep understanding of what the supply & technology strategy needed to manufacture at scale including supplier availability, manufacturing 4.0 applications, risk assessment and costing studies.

Quality Assurance

A solid quality assurance plan that ensures your product is right every time.

Prototype to production



In this step, we can either manufacture for you including building your supply chain at scale or you can take it from here with our help along the way. This is where your product goes to the shop floor to scale and it’s critical the launch strategy is implemented well. This stage includes:

Manufacturing Plan

Creating a manufacturing plan that includes shop floor processes, quality strategy, labor plans, training requirements and supply & technology strategy.

Plan for Scale

Develop a plan for scale that de-risks what can happen when you grow quickly.

Plan for Issues

Creating a plan for after-market issues like repairs, warranty cases, etc.

Value Added Services

Alchemy Manufacturing Studios also offers a variety of training programs that cover areas like:

Education & Apprenticeships

Drawing preparation best practices, GD&T, quality assurance and others