5 Reasons You Should Print with Roboze 3D Parts Printing Solutions

5 Reasons You Should Print with Roboze 3D Parts Printing Solutions

Why Roboze Leads in Additive Manufacturing 4.0

The advent of additive technology brought about monumental changes in the manufacturing industry. 3D printing opened the door to rapid prototyping: drastically reducing costs and resources required while accelerating production and go-to market processes. 

Roboze 3D printing solutions lead the charge in 3D printing for additive manufacturing. They’re on the cutting edge of the cutting edge. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner so closely with Roboze here at Alchemy Industrial (we’re even both headquartered in Houston).

We’ve experienced firsthand that Roboze doesn’t just offer additive technology. They offer additive manufacturing 4.0. 


How does our partnership Roboze 3D Parts make Alchemy Industrial a leader in 3D printing? Here are 5 capabilities that set us apart:

1. Precision. Roboze’s patented Beltless System guarantees precision up to 10 microns. By eliminating the belts and introducing a direct mechatronic movement of the X and Y axes entrusted to hardened steel rack and pinion, we’re able to achieve accuracy for even the tightest tolerances.

2. Pre-set parameters. With our Roboze Argo500, we can set parameters for your prototype before you begin production. This pre-set capability ensures you replicate identical prints every single time.

3. Design freedom. We print prototypes layer by layer using only the lightest, strongest, and most suitable materials available for your particular product. Our Roboze printers are able to work with the most complex geometries, giving you maximum freedom to design a part as you envision it. These materials are tried and tested in even the most challenging industries, and have been used for 3d printed aerospace parts as well as in defense production.

4. Production on demand. Our ability to digitize production makes it easy to toggle supply off and on. Quick printing turnaround allows you to reduce inventory on hand, saving both space and cost.

5. Local manufacturing. Local production has significant benefits Not only can it positively benefit a community’s economy and improve sustainability, but it can also decrease lead times and reduce shipping costs, for example. As 3D printing in the oil and gas industry gains traction, our technology puts us at the forefront of 3d print bureaus in Texas, particularly for 3D printing in Houston.


At Alchemy Industrial, we pride ourselves on being able to satisfy a customer’s request with a customized solution that’s the best fit for their needs. Combining our engineering expertise with Roboze technology and materials, we’re confident that we can deliver on that commitment.

Ready to see our Roboze additive technology in action? Request a quote today.