Additive Manufacturing is 80% Materials Science Tech

Additive Manufacturing is 80% Materials Science Tech

Customizable 3D Printing Materials is Crucial for Success

When thinking about additive manufacturing, the first thing that often comes to mind are the cool machines used for 3D printing. Don’t get me wrong—our 3D printing machines are very cool indeed. But what’s often overlooked is that a finished part isn’t just about the machine that made it: it’s about the material the part is made from.


The nature and function of your final product dictate what type of material you’ll need for each part that goes into it. Common capabilities that are necessary include heat and water resistance, resistance to corrosion, ability to conduct electricity, and more.


Choosing the wrong material could mean your part doesn’t last through the warranty period or has poor performance. And those factors have major implications for your company’s reputation and bottom line.


At Alchemy Industrial, we always say that additive manufacturing is 80% materials science tech and 20% actual 3D printing. The more innovative you are when it comes to material selection and development, the more performance capabilities you can imagine—and create. 


Choosing the right material for your part is key. Because we know the important role materials play in additive manufacturing and in building unique applications, choosing the right materials is something that we take seriously. We offer:


  • Materials solutions to fit your unique purpose. We offer more than off-the-shelf materials options. We sit down with our clients and identify exactly what they need their part to do and how it serves the greater function of the entire product they’re building. Then, we help select the best materials to achieve those objectives.


  • Fully customized materials development. We don’t accept assumptions or limitations. If the perfect material doesn’t yet exist, Alchemy, in conjunction with our partner Roboze, can help you create it. We tailor-fit our solutions just for you.


  • Performance optimization. Materials science opens up new performance capabilities and, in some cases, radically alters potential. We assess and analyze your project from all possible angles to ensure we select the right materials for optimal performance, which may be beyond your initial expectations!


At Alchemy Industrial, we strive to choose the best materials for outsourced manufacturing. Whether you need better chemical resistance, lower energy usage, longer flight time, extended durability or lifespan for your product—we will work with you to find the best solutions. Choosing the right, customizable materials is crucial to your success.


P.S. A core strength of machine shops in Houston is access to many different materials applicable to the chemical industry. Contact us for a list of fully customizable materials to help build your next project.