Alchemy Industrial Partner Roboze Relocates to Houston

Alchemy Industrial Partner Roboze Relocates to Houston

Local Manufacturing Just Got More Local

Here’s big news for the additive manufacturing sector: in September 2020, Roboze 3D Parts moved its headquarters from Bari, Italy to Houston, Texas. Along for the ride are Roboze’s CEO Alessio Lorusso, the executive team, and twenty 3D printing machines.

In an interview with Innovation Map, Roboze’s marketing director, Ilaria Guicciardini, explains their strategic move to the United States:

The Houston[,] along with Texas[,] market is especially interesting because of oil and gas…We are very involved in the oil and gas and aerospace sectors which are areas Houston excels in. The goal is to expand our brand and be close to the customer[,] which can only be done by expanding into the Houston area.


What Roboze’s Move to Houston Means for Houston

Roboze’s relocation not just to the United States, but specifically to the city of Houston, comes at an opportune time. In recent years, Houston’s local government has increased its efforts to rebuild the city to become the manufacturing hub it once was with socio-economic projects like the East End Maker Hub

Houston’s goal of strengthening local industry aligns synchronously with Roboze’s drive to reshore the supply chain and bring distributive manufacturing back to America and Europe.


What Roboze’s Move to Houston Means for Alchemy Industrial

Our 3D printing partner’s move to our home positions Alchemy Industrial at a unique advantage. We now have the opportunity of working even more closely together to develop custom materials for our clients’ one-of-a-kind prototyping projects. We also have easy access to Roboze’s amazing facility, which currently serves as our workspace while our East End Maker Hub warehouse is being completed. 

Roboze’s new headquarters in Houston can only mean stronger and better communication, even faster turnaround times, and collaboration with the greatest minds in additive manufacturing today.

As the mecca of the oil and gas industry, Houston is ripe for the innovative additive technology Roboze offers for petroleum applications. We are excited to be part of this special time in additive manufacturing technology. 

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