Design for Manufacturability at Alchemy Manufacturing Studio

Design for Manufacturability at Alchemy Manufacturing Studio

A deep dive into our DFM process.

In last month’s blog post, we covered the first phase in our 3-step method at Alchemy Manufacturing Studio. The Discovery phase helps our customers identify their goals and expectations for a project, preparing them for the next step: Design for Manufacturability. 

The Design for Manufacturability phase is a great starting point for gathering baseline information. We walk customers through a detailed process that clearly documents all the critical requirements of manufacturing at scale. In our experience, there are always holes in this documentation (e.g. missing data, faulty formatting, incorrect metrics). Often we identify discrepancies between what a customer thinks they’re having us build and what the end product will actually look like. 

This second phase of our process is really about eliminating the need to rework CADs during the production phase. Creating a design that translates smoothly into manufacturing not only streamlines how we make a part, it also makes the entire supply chain more efficient. 


Our Design for Manufacturability phase includes:
  • High Quality Drawings

Drawings serve as instructions for the person making a part, so it’s important to get them right. We help our clients develop good drawings that are ready for the shop floor.

Using 2D drawings and 3D CAD models, we leverage the latest technologies like moving A/R or V/R to provide as much information about a part as possible. 

  • Bill of Materials

We create a sound Bill of Materials (BOM) that has the right parts, materials, and dimensional requirements. A good BOM may be standard in best practices, but it doesn’t always map to reality. To ensure that the procurement specialist can source materials correctly, we:

    • Standardize descriptions
    • Provide accurate sizing information
    • Research price points (e.g. will buying in bulk be more cost-effective?)
  • Supply and Technology Strategy

We gain a deep understanding of what the supply and technology strategy needs to manufacture at scale, considering every aspect of product development from every angle. This strategy includes supplier availability, manufacturing 4.0 applications, risk assessment, and costing studies.

We don’t just automate for the sake of automation. We ask ourselves important questions to weigh our options and determine when it makes sense to spend additional capital on automation.


When it comes to supply, we analyze how international trade can affect outsourced manufacturing, and whether or not local sourcing will reduce potential disruptions in material procurement.

  • Quality Assurance

A solid quality assurance plan ensures that your product is built right every time. Our quality assurance considerations include:

    • Product performance
    • Aesthetics/finishing
    • End-user satisfaction
    • Inspection and testing


The Alchemy Manufacturing Studio takes Design for Manufacturability to the next level. Our product development services bring prototypes to life accurately, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Need a hand developing a new prototype? Reach out to us today.