Develop Your Prototype at Alchemy Manufacturing Studio

Develop Your Prototype at Alchemy Manufacturing Studio

Our Two-step Discovery Approach to a Successful Manufacturing Plan

When you’re making a part from prototype to production, it’s important to create a detailed process to guide you through concept planning, design engineering, and manufacturing. At Alchemy Industrial, we’ve seen firsthand the challenges that can arise when you’re turning a napkin sketch into an end-use product. As a company of both manufacturers and engineers, we understand the requirements of product development and what it takes to manufacture successfully.

We launched the Alchemy Manufacturing Studio to provide a solution for clients looking for guidance through all stages of product development: from proof of concept to manufacturing for scale. Our method includes three stages: discovery, design for manufacturability, and manufacturing.


Alchemy Manufacturing Studio’s Two-Step Discovery Approach

We begin our product development process with Discovery. The Discovery phase’s main focus is to understand our customer’s core value by asking questions to clarify our client’s project vision, mission, expectations and goals. This process not only identifies product specifications (e.g. features, materials, and technology needed for fabricating) but also allows us to look for efficiencies to reduce lead time, cost, and footprint based on the client’s overall business goals.

Our Discovery approach is broken into two steps:

  1. Market Research. We do a deep dive into researching and documenting competition, price points, and delivery. Once we’ve gathered the necessary data needed, we can make informed decisions on how to strategize sourcing, pricing, and end-user satisfaction for success.  
  2. Prototyping. We create a series of prototypes designed to put your product’s manufacturability to the test. These working samples of your part helps us identify errors and potential manufacturing challenges so you can efficiently transition to mass production later on.


Benefits of the Discovery Approach

By working through our two-step discovery approach, we can:

  • Challenge and examine prior assumptions about your product
  • View the entire manufacturing process holistically
  • Make efficiency improvements on product development 
  • Front-load the learning process
  • Reduce error through extensive research and testing
  • Be more cost-effective 


Product development is a conversation that unfolds over time. Just like additive printing, producing a part is a layered process. Alchemy Manufacturing Studio is here to make sure you’re set up for success.

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