Do you have the right manufacturing partners? Spotlighting Roboze 3D Parts

Do you have the right manufacturing partners? Spotlighting Roboze 3D Parts

Spotlighting Roboze 3D Parts
Roboze’s Additive Technology Sets Alchemy Industrial Apart 

Successful manufacturing is about getting the right blend of humans and machines. Without expertise and strong relationships, manufacturing is transactional and uninspired. But even the best relationship can’t compensate for equipment that can’t handle your technical challenges.

That’s why Alchemy Industrial has chosen to partner with Roboze 3D parts for additive printing solutions. 

Roboze has been exceptional since its founding: CEO Alessio Lorusso made the Forbes 30 under 30 list just two years after starting the company.


Some of Roboze’s key differentiators include:

  • Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology for extreme industrial applications. Roboze uses high performance materials that can replace metal alloy in many applications.
  • Unparalleled precision. Their patented Beltless System delivers unprecedented 25-micron precision levels that guarantee top-quality performance.
  • Flexibility. High-performance thermoplastic polymers hold up in even the most hostile environments. 
  • Cost and waste reduction vs. traditional manufacturing of PEEK and CF PEEK while closing the gap in performance and dimensional stability–without a substantial upfront cost.


Alchemy and Roboze Bring 3D Printing to Houston

Alchemy Industrial offers the Roboze ARGO 500 additive technology platform at our Houston facility. The Roboze ARGO 500 platform uses super polymers that can even replace metal in certain applications, creating parts that are lightweight, resistant to chemicals and corrosion, and have built-in electric insulation.

While Roboze technology has many applications, it’s an excellent match for 3D printing in the oil and gas industry and 3D printed aerospace parts.


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