The Manufacture Houston Podcast: A Platform for Houston’s Growing Maker Community

The Manufacture Houston Podcast: A Platform for Houston’s Growing Maker Community

Anyone who knows Alchemy Industrial’s CEO and Co-Founder, Mush Khan, knows his unwavering passion for two things: manufacturing and the city of Houston.


Growing up with hard-working parents, Mush developed an appetite for creating and working with physical objects—an interest that led him to pursue a career in engineering and manufacturing. 


“My father was a pipefitter and my mother was a seamstress,” Mush shared. “Some of my earliest memories are of them working: my father getting up in the middle of the night to fix a busted pipe, the smell of oil from my mother’s sewing machine. They were both dedicated to their work, committed to getting up every morning and doing the best they could.”


Mush was fortunate to find a kindred spirit who shares his dedication to hard work and the manufacturing industry in Alchemy Industrial Co-Founder, Andrew Malek.


Together, the two industry leaders have joined forces with other manufacturers and makers at the East End Maker Hub. This ambitious initiative aims to re-awaken Houston’s oldest manufacturing trade by giving innovators access to state-of-the-art workspaces and fueling the local economy.


But Alchemy Industrial’s efforts to promote manufacturing in Houston didn’t stop there.


Manufacture Houston: A Platform for Houston’s Growing Maker Community


In April 2021, Alchemy Industrial launched the Manufacture Houston podcast, hoping to create a platform for makers in the Houston community to come together and discuss local manufacturing, jobs, and—most importantly—what makes their work meaningful.


“Besides being profitable,” Mush explained, “local manufacturing is a mission, for me personally and for Alchemy Industrial.” 


The podcast will give a voice to everyone in the industry, from CEOs to vendors to shop floor machinists—including Alchemy Industrial’s competitors. In the podcast’s debut episode, Mush shared that it’s his goal to impact the lives of a billion industrial workers through his company and the podcast.


“We want to get visibility for companies who are doing amazing work, leverage impact, and improve the lives of industrial workers,” he said.


Catch the Latest Episodes of Manufacture Houston


Manufacture Houston hit the ground running with no plans of slowing down. 


During its first month on the airwaves, the podcast spotlighted movers and shakers like Halliburton Labs, a company that offers scaled engineered solutions for cleaner, more affordable energy; the city’s leading non-profit innovation catalyst, Houston Exponential; and Sewn Goods Collaborative, a small-batch manufacturer that eagerly answered the call for face masks in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.


As Manufacture Houston spreads the word about exciting projects and initiatives taking place in Houston, it is Alchemy Industrial’s sincere hope that our city will build on its legacy as a hub for creating good things.


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