Why Trust Alchemy Industrial with Your Complex Assemblies

Complex Assemblies

Why Trust Alchemy Industrial with Your Complex Assemblies

Complex assemblies present a huge administrative challenge for many organizations. These projects often involve countless middlemen and multiple orders, making for a tangled process that’s difficult to execute effectively. 

That’s why Alchemy Industrial has been working hard to become a single-source solution for your complex assembly needs. 

Why Outsource Complex Assemblies? 

Complex Assemblies

Many companies assemble their own products in-house with great success, but taking on this work often requires significant resources. You might justify outsourced manufacturing for your assemblies if. . . 

  • You aren’t prepared to handle an increase in administrative tasks
  • You don’t want to hire more people with specialized skill sets
  • You don’t have enough space in your facility to assemble your products 
  • You want to avoid the overhead costs associated with complex assembly

The decision to outsource assemblies often comes down to the complexity of the assembly itself and how difficult it is to scale. If you have a complex assembly, you may be able to handle 1 or 2 at a time in-house, but any more than that is likely an inefficient use of your team’s resources.

Whatever your reasoning, Alchemy Industrial is equipped to provide you with turnkey assembly solutions. 

Why Trust Alchemy Industrial with Turnkey Assembly Solutions 

Manufacturing complex assemblies at scale involves so much more than making discrete parts and fitting them together. Shops that specialize in turnkey assembly production are responsible for many moving pieces (figuratively and literally!), including managing the entire supply chain, sourcing off-the-shelf parts, conducting critical testing, and more. 

At Alchemy Industrial, we’ve built our team around these responsibilities and requirements. Only the most comprehensive workforce can accomplish end-to-end production, which is why we prioritize hiring adaptable team members who like learning new skills. 

Our collective mindset of intellectual curiosity inspires us to build entire products instead of discrete parts so we can see an idea come to fruition. Don’t get us wrong, we still like making parts. But the idea of innovating our way through a big challenge—like a complex assembly—is why we’re in this business to begin with.

This mindset is one of the reasons we excel at complex assemblies. The other is our well-honed process. 

How Our Process Supports Your Goals

One of the things we love most about complex assemblies is that they give us the opportunity to build strong relationships with our customers. Working end-to-end on complicated projects means we’re deeply involved in a product’s lifecycle—and we don’t take that privilege for granted. 

Our thoughtfully designed process helps us be as thorough as possible while maximizing efficiency for our customers. Here’s a look at the typical order of events when we collaborate on complex assemblies: 

  1. Discovery meeting. The process begins with an initial meeting to ensure a good fit between both teams. We use this opportunity to discuss your project from a high level and answer the question: how can we help you solve the challenges you’re facing? We’ll want to discuss factors like the functionality of your assembly, where you are in the product development process, critical functionality, and project timeline.
  2. Proposal. Our proposal includes project milestones with a detailed timeline for completion. We also include a couple of design options to discuss that will help inform the detailed engineering of the assembly.
  3. Detailed engineering. During this phase, we produce CAD models, drawings, and schematics to make sure we fully capture the intent of the design. This information becomes your intellectual property once it’s completed.
  4. Quoting. Once we have a sense of the scope of the project and all the design details, we send a digital quote via the Paperless Parts quoting platform. This advanced quoting software streamlines and simplifies the quoting process for both sides.
  5. Manufacturing and physical assembly. We manufacture components in-house at our machine shop in Texas and handle the sourcing of any commercial off-the-shelf parts before assembling the final product at our facility.
  6. Testing. Testing is critical because it guarantees that you receive a product that works in the field. We never want your installer to waste time troubleshooting problems, so we’re proactive about identifying and fixing them before we send out your product. Our testing includes conducting point-to-point checks on wiring, applying power to test the initial function, uploading and configuring software, and running factory acceptance testing. Many machine shops in Houston don’t have the bandwidth to conduct such comprehensive testing, but we make it a priority. 

Case Study: Fusematic Corporation

Fusematic Corporation is a product research and development company that manufactures and markets the most advanced, portable, latest generation friction welding systems available today. 

Alchemy Industrial has joined forces with Fusematic Corporation to help commercialize their revolutionary welding technology throughout the world. We’ve provided design for manufacturing (DFM) and manufacturing services to Fusematic to support their global growth initiatives, in addition to helping them scale their product. 

This deeply collaborative relationship has given us the opportunity to problem solve and think outside the box from start to finish. 

If you need a proven partner for your complex assemblies, let’s talk. Contact Alchemy Industrial today to set up a discovery call!